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Not the course for you?

It takes time to settle into university and a new lifestyle. But in a small number of cases, some students get to university and, after a few weeks, realise that the course they applied for is not for them; and this is OK!

Making the most of your one-on-one Tutor meetings

During your first year, you’ll have a number of opportunities to meet with your personal tutor on a one-to-one basis. At first, these meetings might seem a little awkward, or you may feel like you have nothing to say. It’s not often that students get the chance to speak to the academic staff in their […]

Swords, Axes, Daggers and Spears! Meet the Living History Society

With over 120 societies here at Loughborough, we have an unbelievably diverse range of clubs and activities for you to get involved with. Within our group of Historical and Political societies, we have the lesser-known LSU Living History – a 12th-century re-enactment society that started two years ago. We spoke to a member of the society, to […]

The Sports and Activities Bazaars!

Now that you’ve joined us here at Loughborough and experienced some of what Freshers’ has to offer, you’ve probably heard a lot of talk about getting involved in sports and societies; but do you really know what’s on offer?

5 ways to deal with homesickness

‘University was the best time of my life’ – a friend, family member or random person has probably said these words to you; but now you’re here, things aren’t quite as fantastic as you were expecting. In fact, you’re feeling lonely. You miss home. Don’t worry though, it’s completely normal to feel like this in […]

Introduction to Sport at Loughborough

At Loughborough Sport we are passionate about ensuring that every student can find a sporting opportunity which suits them. So whether you want to play, coach or volunteer, we have the programme for you!

Societies Feature – the Harry Potter and Quidditch Society

If you’re an avid fan of Harry Potter and all that entails, then the Harry Potter and Quidditch Society might be just up your street. Renowned for their fanciful Quidditch practice on Paddock Park, Katie, LSUHPQ Chair dispels the mystery surrounding the society and tells us what they’re all about.

Societies Feature – Bhangra Society

This week we’re speaking to Bhangra Society. Described by many as an energetic folk dance, Bhangra originates from the Punjab region in South Asia.