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Not the course for you?

It takes time to settle into university and a new lifestyle. But in a small number of cases, some students get to university and, after a few weeks, realise that the course they applied for is not for them; and this is OK! But before you start taking the appropriate steps towards changing or leaving your current course of study at Loughborough University, here are a few things to consider…


Why do you feel this isn’t the course for you?

There might be a number of reasons why you are feeling this way:

  • uncertainty about whether it’s the right subject of study
  • the course may be difficult or the assessment style does not suit you
  • you might have a change in your career ideas or plans
  • you may be concerned about the financial commitment in completing your course of study
  • you could be feeling homesick or struggling to settle into life at Loughborough

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Talk it through

If you are in this situation, please seek advice. A good starting point is to talk to your personal tutor. They can tell you more about how the course will progress. Talk to students from your department who are a year ahead of you on your course – it’s not long since they were freshers too and they can give you their experiences of the course. If you feel like you are not settling into life at Loughborough, talk to your Hall Warden or second-year students. In some cases, you might want to think about seeking support from the Counselling Service.

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Seek advice

The Careers and Employability Centre can offer impartial and confidential advice and guidance to help you decide your next steps.
This could include:

  • helping you to understand the reasons why you are considering changing/leaving your course
  • discussing whether you carry on for now or when is a good time to leave, if at all
  • understanding the important criteria for you when considering other courses and/or institutions
  • how to apply for another course
  • knowing what are the practical steps to changing/leaving a course such as informing your academic department or leaving your accommodation
  • understanding the career implications for moving from your current course to another
  • looking at other options open to you such as getting a job or taking time out rather than continuing in higher education
  • how to make the most of your current course if you decide to stay
  • advising what credits you are entitled to, particularly if you have completed at least one year
  • referring you to other Loughborough University services to support you at this time


We would always suggest you check the financial implications of changing/leaving your course by contacting the Student Advice and Support Service, which is based in Bridgeman Building.

What to do next?

If you would like to talk to a careers consultant because you are considering changing or leaving your course book a Quick Advice appointment in the first instance. This is a 15-minute appointment, bookable from 8.30AM on the day you would like to come in. It’s best to book via Careers Online but you can telephone or drop in.

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If you really believe that changing or leaving your course is the right decision for you, then take a look at this page on the Welcome to Loughborough website. Remember, if you are having doubts about continuing your studies, you have a huge network of support around you that you can ask for advice; from the Careers and Employability Centre, to your personal tutor, Student Advice and Support and if appropriate, the Counselling Service. Don’t struggle on in silence! The sooner you get yourself on the right track the better and we want to help you get there in any way we can.

Thanks to Susan Taylor in the Careers & Employability Centre for help with this post.

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