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How to make the most of the summer months

Exams are over, the last day of term is approaching and suddenly your busy student life has disappeared. I am currently in the ‘post-exam-bewilderment’ stage; I have so much time and no idea how to spend it.

If you never try, you’ll never know

As the end of University approaches my friends have kindly helped me reflect on some of the best things about University life. From the friendliness and enthusiasm of the people, to the events, sports, societies, and much more. What a journey we have been on!

Getting back to my old hobbies

Coursework period has finally come to an end, and I managed to successfully meet all of my final deadlines for the year. This time of year is always a tough one, especially as I find all my time consumed by essay writing and research!

First year? Completed it mate

I’ve finished first year! I’m feeling quite smug because my flatmates all have exams and all I’m doing currently is laying about and hassling them to play frisbee with me: “You need revision breaks guys!”

Goodbye deadlines, hello Student’s Union!

So it’s June, and I can almost see the end of second year. I don’t know if I am pleased by that, having now met all my deadlines, or if I am sad because it means I will have to leave Loughborough temporarily…