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Winning in the third year!

So it’s now August, and soon a lot of you will be finding out where you are going to university. Some of you are looking for graduate jobs, placements, internships, taking a gap year or studying abroad. 

Summertime madness

It is crazy to me that the academic year is over. Exams are finished, lectures are done and FND’s are now no more until October – I’ll miss you so very much Cogs.

The jump from A-Levels to University

I can remember one of my A-Level teachers saying to me ‘You need to find out for yourself. You won’t get spoon fed at University.’ And at the time I thought ‘Yeah whatever…’ but looking back now, she was so so right!

An open letter to my 18-year-old self

The summer that you’re currently going through has to be the worst I’ve known. A level results are at the forefront of your mind and you know you can’t start preparing for the next stage until you know if you’ve gotten your place.

Results, reality, responsibility!

So we’ve reached the end of the academic year and I expect a lot of you are thinking about the year ahead. For some, that is the stress of final year and for others, it’s just starting out. 


When I left school at 18, I wasn’t ever sure that I would find a suitable replacement for the home I had belonged to for seven happy years of my childhood. In my recent graduation ceremony, Lord Seb Coe addressed this issue to myself, my fellow classmates and hundreds of other friends and family members. 

Tara having a celebratory lunch with her family

Tara & Nicola: A-Level results day Q&A

Tara studies Industrial Design and Technology at Loughborough – we caught up with her about the advice and tips she has for students preparing for A-Level results and starting university. We also chatted to her mum Nicola and got her side of the story, too.