Loughborough Student Life

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A Year in Loughborough

Over a year in Loughborough University, and it’s already time to bid farewell

Surviving on a budget

One of the biggest surprises for me at Loughborough was that the monthly expenses here could average to approximately £300, if budgeted well.

Out and About

A recent conversation with a friend, Kavi, made me realise about the status quo of ‘coming out’. This somehow seemed a very relevant topic to me, and will also remain close to my heart. I hope I can share our perspectives through the following excerpts inspired from our conversation… 

A Non-Sporty Guide to Living at the ‘Sporty’ University

During my most recent conversations with parents and prospective students, I have encountered the following questions: ‘How intimidating is sport in Loughborough?’ ‘Will I be a misfit here if I am not as sporty?’ ‘How does one survive if they have zero inclination towards sport?’

My home away from home

One semester into my course and I can’t fathom how my last four months at Loughborough University just flew by. And this journey has been incredible!