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All In-All All is One

28 April 2022

3 mins

Edwin Van Gorder

All In-All All is One
Einstein’s space elevator metaphor of phenomenon in an enclosure or field dependent vs the outer or rotational field is similar to the universal big bang flattenng to disc form in which that structural rotation is preserve to Hamilton’s mathematics of rotations in dimensions and the reference to Maxwell’s demon or separation of differences (like the Greek “genoskein or splitting differences to the setting of keel on breakers.. this splitting of Maxwell

in which entropies cancel show as well in the Sterne experiment of quantum vectoring : an essential note is that in the “turns” or bends of the welling and berms and wales of space time a Poincare horizon or surface staging prepares a diversion from “counting columns twice when going around a square so to speak meaning that concerning gravity the “pull of gravity” is an oxymoron just as black holes don’t pull matter in but rather are the point of their inference well of gravity we can turn to the white hole as similar to the fourth dimensional basketball returning inside out as metaphors together for the difficulty of envisioning space itself as a matrix which arrives to it’s surface having no parts but point like in that infinity has no parts but is already everywhere at once … The Dirac equation describing the spin of particles compares to the unanswered question as to why particles come each of 4 kinds in 3 weights… ( ie like a clock hand at 12 to 3 travelling left to right, 3 to six right to left and six to nine left to right while final mine to to 12 right to left joins identity to leave those three vectors with the cancelation and these as fields skein like informing dimensions of transference are dimensioning by which stars appearing like holes in a fabric of darkness have then that dark force altogether in the idea…the crossing of midline in a dimension such as the particles yield visualization from their fields should as well I think in the recombinative poetics of beta decay invite the consideration of skeins of planted dimensions in the space time continuum and along with particle and anti-particle consideration the Lebesgue tonic identifying the inverse nature essentially that the larger numbers at one side of a decimal are the inverted scale which Carol described per the sublative clause of two pills or two chessboards in reverse dimension based on the Greek Gnomon of applied square in relation to its complement by which the remainder to rectangle and that complement codefined two different sized squares each of their unity.
In particular I see the strong force tubules as a sign of skein like fields striking notes of incidence towards a surface and this collective note is the weak gravity force as a whole made strong as condensed to a surface. Falconer who built on spin towards the Quantum feeds invented a digital sundial and this nomenclature again highlights the Greek Gnomon and the noema or subtly of engages scales to phenomena built on that noumenic character of codefinition upon the hypokoemonon or strata find.

Note that in Greek Gnomon means “that by which things are known” and thus also “sundial” and “carpenter’s edge.. hence the appropriateness of Falconer’s digital sundial…. As a kind of visual theremin…


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