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Clockwork Blue on Fire

28 March 2022

2 mins

Edwin VanGorder

Guandara Guanyin clockwork blue and eristic rose alike Durer’s perspective box or spiritual metronome the Tres Riche Heures , headlong “headlight child” cork lined room, chimera in camera and river god Guuandara anchors on Ankara
And Kairos to Hypsos Kairos to eristic as Ankara to angst river god fulcrum of the breath and displacement of breadth at centers… the Struttgarte box o f silver points and the “Valise” intuitions since the Flemish world of looms the illumination cathedral books upon dimensions point to axis in the shadow box silver point to a cloud of silver atoms halos on the Sterne experiment we have seen the box from stoppages case and cork lined room, loom and shadow box, book as box cathedral the clock work Cythera proto computer and Anti Cythera pilgrimage of foam (“aphro” dit Aphrodite or with Proust Circes Ingle to the English… Surcingle the source or “horse the country” =( ‘fills up to the same amount” ie Great Year to Light Year).. “ skhar” musical score of the music of the spheres if you will…
Just so a pair a puns from my intellectual childhood that heuristic rose should anagram Tres Riche Heures on the one hand and chimera in camera on the other look for the freedom of movement forming each idea of dimension first in an intuitive world and then the flood waters of all deeper than…


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