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Crossing Midline

28 March 2022

2 mins

Edwin VanGorder

Black hole horizons as evidencing quantum entanglement sense incoming energy and adapt behind the horizons which respond structurally to interference patterns as the measure of entropy as evident states. AS high mass is high entropy the matter of field invariant and field dependent are the structural clause of imaginary ie negative numbers to physics as a signature of states and transformation “absence” positing a null state alternative meaning to the intuitive “zero”. This equilibrium field belongs to the low energy constants as they contribute to the reading or signatures of otherwise “ states “ in their conditional freedom of extension as “dimension” the strength of which prompts at this point a kind of comparison to our own physiology in the sense of our developmental reflexes which hinge upon a variety of arrangements and responses to the phenomenon of “crossing midline”….and as our own physiology contributes to our language adaptation witness the Sanskrit drawing verbs as our language foundation these semiotic clauses have had the profound Leibnitz/Bergson oscillation and monad introduction for example as a representative ontology.
Because imaginary numbers relate inverse ratios the matter of loss of Associative function figures in cosmic parity The theory recently proposed which adapts Supersymmetry or a world o f to be found anti particles as demonstrating a parity restoration of otherwise missing links such as only left handed spin to some particles and cosmic drift and Higgs hyper mass has hit upon multiverse mirror opposition as feeds of these symmetries… the idea itself however may have an Ockham edge in that before we arrive at the probably necessary Multiverse :is the Inverse so to speak at a simpler foundation in that the famous “hiding in plain sight” may in this case yield the observational insight that centers become edges and edges become centers as expansion of dimension replaces the naïve “explosion” which falters on the Zeno critique of that consciousness which launches it.
In my drawings I like to consider a space as possibly a condition between meeting edges that has an alternative reading in that it may just as well represent an overlap and our cat like physiology for example translates to hearing the ideas of pitch and resonance to visual counterpoints…


hosted by TRACEY at Loughborough University

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