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Dimensioning Experience

11 August 2022

2 mins

Edwin VanGorder

The New Dimensions of Drawing Experience
Waking City Minute Drawing to Cosmic Second Walking through Minutia of the Magnetar as Minotaur upon Space Time

The Magnetar has all the elements for understanding a new order of physics by considering mathematical dimensions: we can begin by considering the Webb Scope currently cooling down to coldest temperature as part of its focusing prelude.
Cosmologically the initial orders of the Big Bangs first seconds created gravitational fields, magnetic and radiation phenomena which interacted with slight cooling so that the quantum turn of event defining motion itself met via cooling at slight discrepancies and so small differences bonded offset in their reading or chain mathematics by which the elements of a plasma or continuous rhythm are fielded to these interference’s as a preliminary time space eventua.
The magnetars or comic ticking neutron stars meeting a weakly generated magnetic field which folds on itself to quantum like leap from magnetic amplification as virtual dimensions make this evident to speed and spin replacing heat… backtracking, if the flash events in which fields collapse the crust to new gamma ray outburst the image of the big bang is reviewed to speed and spin ie mathematical origins behind our familiar heat wave view of big bang. The equal energy distribution of space itself behind space time then can be see in relation to the offset of space time as harboring similar effects as the magnetar eventua in the ontology of our transitive vision by which the stretching out of atoms like the weak single atom cloud around a black hole and its weak copies of information are in that stretching out to a vibrating state a realization towards string mathematics as always re-conceiving dimension according to it’s lights…..


hosted by TRACEY at Loughborough University

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