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Displacement Mirror System Rewrite Drawing

2 November 2023

2 mins

Edwin VanGorder

Mirror Rim Displacement Rewrite 1.
Art related to photography then again follows the patterns that generations of photo technology each time are influenced by art, from the albumin relation to Tempera, silver prints to silver point and the split screen experiment, dyes in photo processing and so on down the line one might consider then the generations of photography filters in the Webb Space Scope process as reflecting to origins which Smithson’s Mirror Displacements touch on but can be specifically related through the geological ambience to parameters formed in technological outreach in the Neolithic age (whose robust economy and standing monuments at worst may be all that remain for future aliens to discover about our history except the Webb Scope) and the human chains passing stones from river inland then to animal driven carts to locations increasingly mapped to the stellar sky for direction sets in motion what hopefully may be our continuing civilization…In the drawing I have used a kind of excavation process through photo modes in the context of the laser light or plasma which is the cyber drawing tool as well and to this degree the mathematics of orientation to square roots and factorials devolved to a complex plane and LaGrange horizons extrapolated to black hole and cosmic analysis the question of the plasma is for me that while universal contraction and then expansion (rather than explosion) explains the uniform fields there remains an original question as to the black body radiation of the Pre -cosmic dawn, which is in essence a kind of black hole… how this bleeds out into a re-ionization means for me that collective fields form in black body space in a mathematics of hyper dimensions. In the drawing I am interested in the recursive rewriting of dimensions built on slight differences in magnitudes of progression creating wave extrapolation upon the value of free permittivity of space as .112 upon its metric which as complement to the octonion field .888 generates at five fold the reciprocal of Pi and this as gamma of 1:2 brings a sense of genesis by which the progressions in the cultures of manifestation are themselves less bound to perception than they are to their continuing manifest in which the history is always in as sense very present and still happening thus the paradoxes of quantum thinking are an education towards that realization in process…


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