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Drawbridge – Press Release of an exciting new DRN

12 January 2021

2 mins

Franka Flötgen

By: Anne-May Tabb –

Drawbridge is a new drawing research network based at CIT Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork, in Ireland. Drawbridge aims to provide opportunities for researchers, students, and artists to collaborate, exchange and disseminate ideas around drawing practice in its widest possible interpretation. Drawbridge plans to engage with diverse approaches from within the arts, incorporating disciplines such as performance, installation, film, and the written word, through a series of interdisciplinary projects and collaborations that will have an impact across the institute/university and beyond. Incorporating both theory and practice, Drawbridge is focused above all on promoting the capability of drawing to give form to thought, and on initiating and collaborating in research activities both nationally and internationally.

Drawbridge has already pursued collaborations that have included the departments of Architecture and Arts in Health and Education within CIT/MTU and we intend to expand our activities to develop collaborations with colleagues in such disciplines as science, technology, and music. Within the Crawford, Drawbridge is focused on developing existing and future drawing workshops and projects with the aim of exploring and consolidating current drawing practice. A shared interest in the experiential and phenomenological nature of drawing was the original impetus for the establishment of Drawbridge by Crawford lecturers Dr Helen Farrell and Dr Lucy Dawe-Lane. With the imminent foundation of Munster Technological University (MTU), Drawbridge is well placed to make an active contribution to the future research profile of the new university.

Drawbridge is grateful for the support of Crawford Head of College Catherine Fehily, CIT Teaching and Learning Unit (TLU), CIT Research Office, CIT Arts Office and CIT Faculty of Business and Humanities.

For more information contact
Anne-May Tabb
Drawbridge Research Assistant


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