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Drawing on Euler’s and Universal C 911 Drawing Research Slipstream of Contemporary Neo Space Eventua

28 April 2022

3 mins

Edwin Van Gorder

Drawing on Euler’s and Universal C 911
Since crossing mid-line a rotational vector finds to right angles the mirroring motif of crossing mid-line and thereby finding as well the diagonal as a quantum growth root rectangle those bare beginning as primordial pose a center one may build alternately towards as a kind of point object or then again as a space or equilibrium zone as in architects placing studs centered or off center…mathematically then the fraction multiplied by five as the mirror of its reciprocal divided by two implicates the ratios of decimal places each to each as containing in equilibrium those differences which as a standing energy explains Zeno’s paradox then as an expansion principle in the centers over riding distinctions only made to the point object and this transitive. In the drawing I have placed in tension the number 911 as the square root o f three times three which coincides with the degree the complement of the square root of five crosses mid-line with the ramification that the third generation o the the golden section arm of the square root of five receive the 911 complement as completing a division in thirds…coexisting in the drawing space with the number exactly double the Universal Constant .0074 as .56generated by the 8th generation in a spiral (ie the seventh dimension so to speak per brane or portal sil) o 1.382 or the complement o f .618 paired to unity (one or square. The difference between the one and its half relating to creating forms from the edges or dividing from center … The final point of interest is relating Euler’s constant to analysis : 2.718281284590

Means: .618 with inverse o f 1 as .1 to .718 mirrors the doubling of the base of 1.618 thus now 2.718 and the next term (overlapping) of .1828 is the complement of .8172 congruent to 1.2236 or unity plus 1half of square root of 5 in reciprocal form of .4472 thus the first term has placed one arm of the golden section to a stepping up in the fraction to meet the rate of expansion or if you will the complete spin in relation to complete rotation as an imaging of center to edge…while the second term contracts from the two wing form in an inverse momentum… the third term also overlapping show 28 mirroring towards mid-line as repletion while finally .4472 rounded off by the lensing of decimal places as .45 is simply doubled with no indication of mid line as in the 1 shared by the 28 pair indicating the status of equilibrium belonging to states contributing to standing energy while remaining undefined to phenomenon.


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