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Drawing on the 7/8 Solution Art and Language Matheme

2 November 2023

1 mins

Edwin VanGorder

World Line String: 7/8 measure in music in relation to the mathematical octonion is something I notice in a phrase Paganini repeats which seems to follow the pattern of the sides of the violin raising and lowering pitch while counter transposing value in a pattern basically revising Bacharini who for his part played violin repertoire on the cello, in his way a Occupational Violinist as he was in this clause filling in for violinists who were ill on tour , his version of Duchamp’s “sick painting” as it were… In the drawing I am interested in the premise of Gamma in relation to the kind of complex space Paganini seems tracing on the violin quadrants in which simple dropping a note in the octonion 8 fold actually is relating a “square wave” ie the complementary areas structure their gaps as reflective wholes which the series then counts in the diminution by which the summation series forms multiplication as indeed in patterning multiples forming those as “reflections” become a modular harmonic and reciprocal form and fashion.


hosted by TRACEY at Loughborough University

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