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Drawing on The Story of H and Three Apostrophes of the Glass

28 March 2022

3 mins

Edwin VanGorder

Cezanne in speaking of his “little sensation” evokes something in another age I would describe as quantum- like : i.e. his transposed table view shifts are now in another take like drawing a straight line for example this time purely architectural and one feels one gathering up a succession of spotting like a dancer which follow through by passing midline and a the new distance traversed echoes the rhythm in the variety of crossing midline and chooses a flourish side.
Similarly: The Famous Sterne experiment of Copenhagen controversy fame establishing quantum mechanics as splitting light through an aperture rather than regaining the single beam then in space time recovered opened up the question as to whether the quantum interval was established in the act of measure or whether in it’s implicate nature it, like the flourish I describe found its’ own way. Embedded in the question is a difference between the Roman view of events as forced to phenomena or whether the Greek sense of Noema or events coming upon their way are question faces to a riddle and this question at the time of Duchamp informed his interests as a view into the new world something like our experience of the potential of the Webb scope where in our case the difference between quantum scales may read to a new development in realizing dark energy and dark matter scaling…: has a physics in relation to Matisse’s notes on clarity in art like steam clearing from a mirror which in another apostrophe or witness Duchamp visits on the one hand and on the other the vial of French air suspended to a hook particular to the sigla of the Glass (Duchamp seems to have arranged his auxiliary “witness” projects to glass as sigla an idea he may be responding to as in Joyce’s Finnegans Wake : the hook is his take on the Greek sense of emphasizing with the letter H, the word hook being “Ouk” or not given the H emphasis now hook is also as much as to say like La Fayette” Why Not? Why not sneeze follows up on this as relating the rectified readymade (witness the rectified honey to faux sugar cube marbles in the apparatus while the sneeze references atmospheric pressure which forces us to breath by one measure and by another measure we alter to our breathing response..). To Be looked at for Nearly an Hour although ironically given as optical charts are a review of the dust raising to the Sterne experiment in which then the oculus or witness (measure) is one eye and the persons eye yet another…. Taken together these all seem in cadence with Bohm’s “Implicate Whole” by which the address to the question is very much in the nature of the question itself as a kind of Bob and Alice . the ontology of looking through the aperture it should be noted is also a reference to the Greek idea of vision as a kind of fire streaming through the eyes generated by the person and in a sense the quantum spin turns the person inside out….as an artist then Duchamp is interested in this n dimensional chess…he forms on the total interest value of a new physics… as is very much our estate…


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