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Drawing Posts in the Space of Time :Gamma of the Inverse Transfinite

2 November 2023

2 mins

Edwin VanGorder

Drawing In the Space of Time
Gamma of the Inverse Transfinite
If the diagonal of a rectangle is its root to extension (literally, as its square built upon that diagonal and this is termed “pressure” or K.. then that inflection of a circle inscribed the shape as oblong is the sign of the cross section, and this alteration of a masses cross section is the variability of particles in physics created in matter and anti matter terms where there is conversion to pure energy via the famous formula and because of this the circumstances of space time in variety altering their own pressure on the product are what is meant by the “unknowability”….. Mass as measure of equilibrium is to centers and for this reason Pi emerges as original operant over the numbers of perception two and three insofar as the ordinal numbers as a ring relate the E=MC squared in simple form to the more complex denomination of momentum and the immense energy required to move from that equilibrium of strata of which the square roots in their ring are at midline square root of five and pi respective ½ gamma relates to midline and factorials over complex space in that ½ gamma as square root of 5 is also .236 or fourth ring of spiral square of which three times its own unity and one half its double are a three fold plus then.1416 thus 3.1416 also Pi. The square root of Pi divided by 5 is .112 or vacuum permittivity E0…. The ordinal extension of the Octonion as “Big O) or the simplified root viewed from the ordinal reach of .888 as 1.234567 of which Pi squared as .101 relates to the denominations of the characteristic numerical suffixes which are the grading of “a” ie. .0073….0064, oo55. 0028 thus Pi beneath a square wave cycle generated as .126 in series squares to .0156 the matrix 64 reciprocal nominal and root of Plank via relation of square root of five as .56 also .236 or fourth turn of section squared and divided five vacuum permittivity… of which added .126 and .0156 as .1416 link the continuing wave cycle again to the embedded pi operator generating the radius from cos. The general idea which interests me then in my drawing is the combinatoric nature of term rewriting systems…


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