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Drawing Rebus in Advance of the Implicate Whole

20 January 2022

2 mins

Edwin VanGorder

A Relationship (of all things) In Advance of the “IMPlicate Whole”…
In the advanced Modular type of harmonic grid I devised originally in an architects office (Gwathey’s Guggenheim addition makes reference to it)) one group of numbers is like space itself, another like the space of space time, another like time, and a harmonic surge linking like steady or open and closing stops on violin or the Philipp Glass and Bach propensity to stage a soft background then become itself an architectural thing to another ground… In this Glass to Glass Bob and Alice we then may as well approach Duchamp well approached as a rhetor of phase transitions between rhetoric itself, drawing arts and knowledge kinds in their mathessis of poetics I find interest in commenting per my own gambit of generally illustrating Green Box and Project Apostrophes by appreciating the article by Douglas Cushing in An Exit :Marcel Duchamp and Jules La Forgue which relates Duchamp’s simply liking the poet to synthesis threshold of the Cabaret salons of artist launching pads against the provost via as much as argot, neologisms, café song shout Sad Young Man( I relate to Dylans Symbolist affectionate late train tour in odd makeup with his early entourage in an odd mime to music rebus en train entranced de-entrance… I mentioned Dylan’s sympathy and in an odd conversation he gave me his riddling conversation opening and closing with “where do you come from” (Art for Arts sake= I am going not back again and the rebus for me is our Neo Space Renaissance paradoxical to an intensely collapsing society…where yet again the transitive culturization finds paradox the gambit…(Dylans’ dropping in to get a musical degree while the movement advocated dropping out gives him real Duchampian credentials……parenthetically)…


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