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Drawing Through the Inflatron

28 April 2022

2 mins

Edwin Van Gorder

A recently published study which proposes an “ Inflatron “or primordial field of dark matter form separated in time by the quick closure of that field in a destruction due to cessation of inflation poses for me the dimensional comport of fields themselves since any particle being a view upon a field if then remaining must find that fielding as “virtual “ or quasi particles do in the electromagnetic spectrum and gravity remaining as that critical transpose of collective differences sometimes to an equilibrium familiar to the testing of momentum and standing energy by which overflow we get the quantum zeno surplus and yet again if viewing “ space itself” underlying space time as a notion to critique as expansion does explosion a form my drawing here goes into in which the idea of an active field is in the Bob and Alice tradition in being constructed upon perception in such a way that berms and wales brought to the surface cancel space time in a sense and yet in so doing are also the field of differences in which the cancelling is a position now maintained to the very synthesis of absence and presence as spectators upon the structural veracity of chaos and randomness.


hosted by TRACEY at Loughborough University

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