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DRN 2019 Conference: Embodied Drawing

4 April 2019

2 mins

TRACEYDrawing Research Network Conference 11-12thJuly 2019

Conveners: Drawing Research Group, Loughborough University

The conference aims to explore the notion of embodied drawing. By embodied drawing we suggest that ‘embodied’ could be synonymous with the act of drawing, that drawing is an act of embodiment. As such, the making of a mark expands to become an act of mediation. Yet if all bodies are mediat(ing)ed, they too mark the skins and surfaces of other bodies in the briefest immediacies – in traces of gesture, events, at and through the borderline. A curious folding of/with materiality – a drawing. And as drawing expands there come lines of flight and queer becomings: of further technological mediations, prostheses, computer augmented realities, boundary-making practices that offer up new forms of embodiment, of bodies yet to be named, without outline. And so we ask; what does it mean to have a body? What can they do? What can be drawn?

Registration is now open for the conference and can be booked online by clicking on the link below:

Delegate rates:

£100 Early bird rate until 30 April 

£120 full rate

£60 unaffiliated

Please note the conference fee includes lunch and refreshments for both days and a buffet dinner on Thursday 11th July 2019.


hosted by TRACEY at Loughborough University

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