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Living Environments and Human Culture

24 March 2022

3 mins

Ecologies of Drawing Online Talks

6th April, 11 – 12.30 BST  

From an open call for papers, the Drawing Research Network at Loughborough University present a series of online talks under the theme Ecologies of Drawing. Speakers for each of the events have been selected to offer differing perspectives of themes emerging in response to the call for papers around the notion of Ecologies of Drawing .  

Tickets are available here: 

Rachel Bacon, Rough Cut No. 2, 2021, graphite on paper on foil, 140 x 220 cm

This panel invites Rachel Bacon, Sarah Casey, and Ivana Wingham to present papers on the interrelationships between living environments and human culture. This event will be chaired by Serena Smith, a practice-led PhD student at Loughborough University whose research explores the generative intersection between language and stone lithography.

Rachel Bacon is a visual artist and teaches at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Rachel’s work considers the role of drawing within the wider contexts of landscape, extraction industries and the aesthetics of climate emergency. Her interest in patterns of damage as psychological, historical, and geological conditions, have led her to approach drawing as a form of excavation and to explore the metaphors associated with that activity. In her presentation she will share the methods, processes and outcomes of her recent practice. Sarah Casey is a visual artist and researcher and Senior Lecturer in Drawing and Installation at Lancaster University UK. With reference to ‘Emergency’, a drawing research project provoked by glacial archaeology based on fieldwork with a Swiss museum collection, Sarah will consider the material intelligence of drawing in relation to the precarious ecologies of the global climate emergency. Ivana Wingham is an architect and academic, she began her studies in Serbia, attended the Architectural Association as post-graduate student and completed her PhD at the Bartlett School of Architecture. Exploring the ‘Intersecting Ecologies of Air in Architectural Drawing’, Ivana’s paper will look at three drawn ecologies that co-exist and intersect: an architecture of the macro world of insects, a drawing of architecture while in flight, and a panel of evolutionary breath drawings.

The Drawing Research Network Ecology of Drawing Events have been organised by staff and PhD researchers from the Drawing Research Group at Loughborough University, chaired by Deborah Harty. This series aims to explore Ecologies of Drawing and how they might act as agents of change. Scientifically concerned with the interrelationships of organisms and environments in the context of drawing the term ecology might be understood generously to include: environments of dynamic exchange and metastable equilibrium; inter-relational sites of spatial and temporal encounter; the complex systems and patterns of material and virtual worlds; social, political, and economic ecologies; self-sustaining microcosms within spheres of containment; and fragile interdependencies. In the light of the analogous and entwined conditions of drawing and ecology, we are curious to learn how the agency of drawing operates as an ecological practice – be it in graphite trails, sonic traces, and waves of light, or events and encounters that activate diverse thought and conversation.

Other talks in the series are:

‘Intersecting Ecologies’ 27th April 2022

‘Mapping Environments’ 25th May 2022

‘A More Than Human World’ 22nd June 2022


hosted by TRACEY at Loughborough University

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