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N Dimensional Quantum Print Drawing Upon Reciprocal Process

28 April 2022

2 mins

Edwin Van Gorder

N Dimensional Quantum Print Drawing upon Reciprocal Process.
A heritage within cubism of recognizing reciprocal forms as process within my own appreciation of drawing to print form frames for me the Duchamp roto relief image to sound bow and lyre bolero by which the mathematics occasioned strongly reached black hole research is now as well a welling up within the coming Webb Scope Age“non photography” i.e. transcendent clauses of spectrum to sense as an n-dimensional quantum in the making… the imprint upon the horizon by which the complexity of information is sensed by the black hole as it’s formative mass has to do with the eventua come to crisis not exactly at the horizon but crossing bridges burned at fulcrum points so to speak further “downstream” as theoretical physicist Paul Sutter notes and where divided at the difference of two horizons emerge there to phenomenon the submerged elements of parity within equilibrium… like the spotting of a dancer or the gymnast “sticking” a landing the point of equilibrium at the landing is apparently motionless but actually the turn of events visible to the spotting and invisible in the landing like a rotation out of view because within a reciprocal moment of space time quantum a print form evolves…

In the drawing enclosed I play with the structural placement of the ratio of the universal constant implicit with the grid generated and generating (and in a way symbolizing “space itself” (as the heuristic rose noumenon and hypokomeinon enigmatic and underlying as it were..)

: Towards which fulcrum nodes place generated ratios as comparing the idea of different sources to a same ratio in relation to the simpler in place built logarithmic spiral of the angular projection motivating the quantum eventua. A term from rhetoric “interlacing” or “simplicio/complexio” carries for me much of “soft form “ puns on cubism in which a sense of the reciprocal as process compares what arrives to our senses as sometimes complex, sometimes simple in that very interplay arrive to form in mind just as the Webb Scope Age now prepares for those Conceptual Art to come considerations of process where phenomena of physics will be out of reach due to universal expansion and thus considered ultimately to thought experiment informed by prior bridges…or as the sage seemed about to say” you can see a lot by more than observing…”…)…


hosted by TRACEY at Loughborough University

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