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web to Webb Drawn

28 March 2022

2 mins

Edwin VanGorder

Given the web to Webb scope orientation of my work currently as a projection of the work in progress history of known unknowns stemming from preliminary illustrations to Duchamp’s Green box orientation to n dimensional scaling I am reminded of Deleuze on “rhizome” ( “unusual architecture”) “not exactly a Point of inflection but lines of variance” or words to that effect… posing shall we say something like the realization Duchamp had that “ the conditions of experience simultaneously (expansive term! -those of the objects of experience”(per Kant ) reflected on the Cezanne portal to nature which brought artist and model, still life etc to a cultural rapture of the deep dispelled not by photography per se but rather the broad technological identification which for example with the roto relief give us what we see yet again with cloud chamber images as within the specter of nature a kind of narrowing of the distinction between art and nature which Duchamp temporized to his culturized technical advency and moment in time to a degree but also in for example in his puns on “electrical stripping” indicates the metaphor as we have noticed stripping itself away … Returning to the Web scope on the advent of it’s firs overwhelming image one notes the rays and the mirror structure may be retraced as structured to string theories moment of success in predicting the scattering velocity of photons and this model of successive dimensions as a critique or mode of thinking shows a simultaneous structure between the machina of the idea and that of the apprehended status of nature in the art of the event…


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