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Managing money and sticking to a budget

For some, moving to University may be your first experience with independently managing your finances while being away from home. We’ve got some tips and advice to help you stay on track, and in the black.

Student bank account: choose wisely

Before you arrive at University, shop around for student bank accounts. They normally come with a generous, interest-free overdraft limit, and sometimes include special offers like a year’s 16-25 railcard, but be sure to read around and fully understand anything you’re signing up to, and don’t just jump on the best freebie.

Budgeting & the cost of living

Working out your cost of living and balancing the books between what you have coming in and what outgoings you have is a good way to plan a budget for the year. Everyone has a different way of making it work – it’s all about discovering what works for you. The key thing is to establish a clear, realistic plan and stick to it!

Our Student Advice and Support Service have some really useful advice to help you with budgeting, and UCAS have some good budgeting tips too. Remember to check you’re receiving all the financial help you’re entitled to.

Earn extra income

If you want a little extra spending money each month and feel like you have the capacity to take it on, you may want to search for a part-time job while at University. Our Careers and Employability Centre run a ‘Work@Lboro‘ scheme which advertises part-time work in the local area on social media and via e-mail.

You could also make use of the long University holiday periods to pick up some part-time work over Christmas, Easter, and Summer.


If when you’re at University, you find you’re struggling and want to speak to someone, our Student Advice and Support Service offer appointments Monday – Friday. You can call 01509 222058 or e-mail in the first instance.

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