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4 exam stress-busting techniques

Exams come around twice a year, and they can be the most stressful time in the academic calendar for some students. The key to successful revision is a realistic and manageable plan – take a look at our previous post for more on this.

When drawing up your plan, factor in plenty of generous breaks and spend your free time wisely. Feeling uninspired? Grab a cuppa and read on for some brilliant anti-exam anxiety ideas.

Take a stroll

We’re lucky in Loughborough to be surrounded by green open spaces, whether you’re walking across campus, the nearby Burleigh Woods or further afield into the countryside. See what you can find out and about in the local area and feel those exam stresses slip away, and return with a fresh perspective.


This thick carpet of bluebells can be found in Burleigh Woods, just outside of Holywell Park

Sweat it out

A quick gym session or a runabout with friends could be the perfect remedy for your revision tension. Keep an eye on My Lifestyle on Twitter for upcoming free events and activities you can get involved in. The various sporting ‘parks’ on campus are free to use if they’re available, and other sports facilities can be booked for free online.

Keep Calm!

Alongside the busy exam period, Loughborough Students’ Union will be holding loads of events to help you de-stress. Take a walk to Beacon Hill, and don’t miss the very popular Pooch Petting! Browse the full list of activities on offer by clicking here.


Take some 100% chill time

Whatever it is you like doing – spending time with friends, watching rubbish TV, wood carving, nature photography – take some time to get away from it all.

Stay positive

Whatever happens, keep a positive frame of mind. Don’t get bogged down thinking about how you might have done, and step away from conversations about who wrote what for which question.

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