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Welcome to Loughborough’s freshers’ blog

Hello and welcome to our freshers’ blog! In the coming weeks, we’ll be passing on all the information you’ll need to kick start your new student life, as well as doing our best to give you an insight into what first year life at Loughborough is really like.


It’s normal to feel nervous

September brings the start of your amazing journey into student life, and while you, like so many others (around 3,500!) will be nervous about starting this new adventure, we’re here to tell you – it’s going to be absolutely fine. In fact, we’re sure you’ll love it.

Meeting new friends is easy

Freshers’ week is abuzz with a friendly atmosphere – it’s perhaps the easiest time in your life to introduce yourself to new people.

Trust us, by the end of it you’ll be tired of hearing the key questions ‘What are you studying?’ ‘Which hall are you in?’ ‘Where are you from?’, but stick with it. You can never meet too many people in your first few days and weeks at university– you may be making friends you’ll keep for the rest of your life.


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