Loughborough Student Life

Loughborough Student Life

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Keeping motivated throughout term

I assume every student gets to a point in their academic journey where they ultimately feel lethargic and unwilling to keep up with the hectic pace of life at university. The purpose of this post is to give you tips on how to maintain a healthy mind and find the internal motivation to push through.

My Fave 5: Loughborough Town

In this month’s blog, I’m going to give you my Top 5 highlights of places to go in Loughborough Town! 

Finding part-time work as a student

If you are worried that you won’t have enough money to cover your expenses during your time in Loughborough, keep reading and you will find out about many part-time job opportunities.

Life after Loughborough – the master’s question

Studying for a master’s degree might not be for you. You may be itching to go into the real world and truly ‘make a difference’. Or maybe to start saving for a house. Perhaps even to take a year off to start your professional Instagram career while traveling around Laos.