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5 tips for fighting freshers flu

Here at Loughborough, we want you to enjoy your Freshers’ Week, but we also want you to stay safe and healthy. That’s right – we’re putting on our best mum/dad voice in this blog post!

Freshers’ flu is an unfortunate consequence of starting at university. Meeting thousands of new people from all over the world, getting less sleep than usual, and the stress of moving away from home can all add up to you potentially feeling miserable. Even if you don’t feel physically ill, you may still be feeling homesick – which is perfectly normal! Take a look at our blog post on the matter.

We’ll start with the good news – freshers flu for most, is more like a cold than a type of flu, but it can still make the start of your academic year a drag. We’ve pulled together some advice on the best ways to fight through the flu so you can get back to enjoying university life.

Keep hydrated

Balance drinking alcohol with plenty of water. You reduce your chance of catching freshers’ flu, and you’ll feel better the morning after. It’s a win-win.

Eat healthy

If you’re lucky enough to be in one of our catered halls, you’ll have less temptation to order takeaway, so you might tick this box without even knowing it! For those in self-catered, make sure you eat some greens during your first few weeks…


Rest up

Consider taking a night or two off and getting to bed pre-midnight! You’ll appreciate a good night’s sleep in the long run.

Get outside

Some fresh air and exercise could do you a world of good. Take all those new friends you’ve made and attend a My Lifestyle session, or turn up/book on one of these Loughborough Sport facilities.


Register at the doctor’s

If you’re feeling really unwell, consider booking an appointment at the University medical centre. Take a look at our previous post about how to register.

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