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Conferences, Comedy and Culture!

As I reflect on the last year at Loughborough University, I am extremely grateful for the opportunities and adventures I’ve had as part of the Loughborough Family.

My Fave 5: Loughborough Town

In this month’s blog, I’m going to give you my Top 5 highlights of places to go in Loughborough Town! 

Say YES to opportunities

When the Doctoral College at Loughborough Uni sent out a description of this three-day opportunity in their e-mail bulletin, I was blissfully ignorant of the importance and pedigree of the Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (YES). In fact, I learned the competition was first held in 1995 at Loughborough University!

From the US to the UK

One of the most common questions I get after people hear that my accent is from the United States is: “What is different in the UK from the US?” Without fail, I am caught by surprise and stumble my way through an answer about driving on different sides of the road or spelling words slightly […]

Challenge X

One of the perks of undertaking higher education is the opportunity to participate for FREE in extracurricular activities that are only available through a university. I recently participated in the first ever Challenge X, a unique 18-hour event that paired students with SMEs (small-to-medium enterprises) to develop solutions to real business problems. The event was […]

Why a PhD?

In this blog, I talk about my reasons for trying to earn a PhD, what I am researching, and a key support for making the most of my studies at Loughborough University. Why a PhD? People decide to continue in higher education for many reasons and I am no different. While my journey to pursuing […]

Work and Play in the UK

Create Copies of your Work! A brief segue on the importance of backing up your work using multiple methods. This is actually not my original blog post which was lost over the weekend due to an issue with my Cloud storage.

Why Educate Yourself?

Welcome to my most recent, and most provocative, blog entry to date! I am going to explore the topic of education and how it may be valued.

A day in the life of a PhD student

Hello again! Now that the weather is warming up a bit outside, I wanted to take you through a somewhat typical day in the life of a doctoral student at Loughborough University.

Returning to reality!

Returning from any holiday to a “normal” schedule, whether it is work or classes, always feels like wearing new shoes: until they are broken in properly, they are uncomfortable if worn too long.