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A mailing list is available for discussion of problems or suggestions for new features. To join this simply send an email to¬† with the command “subscribe lorls” in the body of the message.

Bug reports should describe the problem, the hardware/software configuration being used and if possible a URL we can follow to take a look at the problem if its visible in a web browser. Requests for new features can also be sent. We’ve had many requests from librarians and academics in the past and a lot of those have been implemented. Features are mostly likely to be implemented if they are likely to benefit either Loughborough (:-) ) or a large number of sites.

Whilst we can’t guarantee that we can fix bugs or implement new features we’ll do our best in the time we have available. If we don’t/can’t get round to it though users do have the advantage of the source code so you can make your own tweaks to get round local problems. If you do make code tweaks we’d appreciate a copy if possible as we might be able to fold them back into the distribution, thereby benefiting others.

You can also contact the developers directly:

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