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The importance of doing nothing / Teaching kids rocket science!

Hello and welcome to my April blog! It’s the Easter holidays right now; I’m writing this blog with a beer in my hand and a sea breeze in my hair, somewhere on the Balkan coastline (it’s a hard life), having spent the last two weeks travelling in the sun (read: avoiding my coursework…)

Visiting 4 Countries and Even More

The second term went by so fast and the Easter break is already almost over as well. Many international students use this break to travel around.

My Journey through SAD

I come from a country that is warm all year round, with our December being our hottest month and July being the month we throw our jumpers on. Even during cold times, jumpers are off by lunch because it is just too hot… very different to life I found myself in when I came to […]

Why Educate Yourself?

Welcome to my most recent, and most provocative, blog entry to date! I am going to explore the topic of education and how it may be valued.

An Easter in France

This month I thought I’d write about what I did over the Easter Holidays and how we celebrate it with my family in France. I haven’t seen my French family for almost a year so it was a great opportunity to get to spend some time with them whilst celebrating an event such as Easter.

Reunion Day questions

As I’m writing this it’s the Easter break and I’m back down in London catching up with family and friends. Yesterday I had a school reunion day, everyone from my school year went back to school to visit our teachers, collect our A-Level certificates, and to catch up with each other; finding out where people […]

Hunger Games

Do you find yourself always broke? Always hungry yet too lazy to put in the work? Endless boxes of Papa Simon’s Pizza piling up in your kitchen? Are you a non-catered student longing for someone to cook for you always? Constantly buying ready-made meals from the purple onion? Find yourself eating the same thing and not eating sometimes because the thought of cooking […]

Learning engineering through practice

Exciting industrial trips, cool laboratories and fun projects are all highly valuable to engineering education – a little bit about these at Loughborough in this post!