Loughborough Student Life

Loughborough Student Life

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First year? Completed it mate

I’ve finished first year! I’m feeling quite smug because my flatmates all have exams and all I’m doing currently is laying about and hassling them to play frisbee with me: “You need revision breaks guys!”

Goodbye deadlines, hello Student’s Union!

So it’s June, and I can almost see the end of second year. I don’t know if I am pleased by that, having now met all my deadlines, or if I am sad because it means I will have to leave Loughborough temporarily…

It’s June already?!

It’s June!!! My lectures are already over and my final three assignments are due in the next week! The last month, more than any other, has definitely been the most eventful!

The Great Loughborough Summer

Summer term in Loughborough is often referred to as ‘BBQ Season’, and on a sunny day, the distant beat of music and the smell of smoke drift constantly across the sky. It comes from everywhere: the small gardens, courtyards, porch areas, driveways, roofs and many more.

Money Matters!

I know exams are coming up and everyone’s revising, but as someone that does a coursework-only degree, I don’t think I’m the best person to give revision tips.

Getting over that exam crunch

Even though I am currently on a placement year and when I go back to studying, my degree is fully coursework – I do understand the pressure of exams.