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You’ve made it to Loughborough! Hi, and a big welcome to the #LboroFamily. Now all the excitement of moving in is over, we’ve put together a list of quintessential Loughborough experiences to help you make the most of your first few weeks in the bubble.

1. Explore the SU – by day and night

There’s a Starbucks for your daily caffeine fix, as well as different eateries and a co-op for grabbing a sandwich on the go between lectures. LSU is a great place to sit during the day and work on an assignment while enjoying a drink and some cake, or to catch up with your new friends!

At night, the Students’ Union boasts award-winning nightlife, with three clubs to choose from – so there’ll always be somewhere to get your groove on!

(Tip: if Mr Brightside is your kind of jam and you haven’t discovered Fusion yet, head upstairs for some cheesy classics all night long)

2. Meet Charlie

If you haven’t heard of Charlie yet, we’re not sure where you’ve been! Charlie is our resident campus cat, also known as the Library cat, as that’s where he likes to spend his time the most. He’s kind of a big deal around here, in fact, some might call him a BNOC (Big Name on Campus).

If you come across Charlie, do say hello and give him a stroke, and snap a picture while you’re at it too! Just remember, he does belong to someone who lives near campus, so please don’t take him home or let him in your hall!

3. Take a photo with the Loughborough University sign

The unspoken essential of any student induction… if you haven’t taken your photo with the Loughborough University sign, do you really even go here?

4. Get some stash

Be it a Loughborough University hoody, some AU stash for your chosen team or repping your society of choice’s goodies, getting some Loughborough merch will definitely make you feel part of the family.

Andy Samberg Flip Flops GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

5. Wear flip flops and shorts

You will soon learn that there is a compulsory uniform on campus of flip flops and shorts… all year round. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Loughborough’s one of the only places you’ll see someone skidding across icy pavements in flip flops.

(And before you ask, no – we have no idea why it’s a thing)

Photo: @MissOmarPE on Twitter

6. Selfie with a BNOC

VC Bob, Charlie, the LSU Exec or Lord Seb Coe are often around campus and game for a selfie. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to beat this epic #LboroGrad2017 selfie.

7. Join a Society or AU Club

This one is a must! A Society or AU Club is a great way to meet new people, explore an interest or hobby and it looks good on your CV too. Not sure which one to join? Have a read of our Society and AU features, and visit the Sports and Activity Bazaars to talk to Clubs and Societies about any questions you have.

Here’s a full list of Societies and AU Clubs.

(If there’s nothing that takes your fancy, did you know you can start your own society too?)

8. Get a campus shot

There are so many beautiful sides to our campus! From the Burleigh Woods at one end to the historic Hazlerigg and Rutland buildings at the other, there’s rarely a moment you can’t find an Instagram worthy snap.

And if you find one, don’t keep it to yourself! We love seeing & sharing your photos on social media, email them to us:

Photo: @planet_povey on Instagram

9. Visit Queen’s Park

As lovely as campus is, you should leave from time to time – so get out and explore the local town too! Queen’s Park is absolutely beautiful on a sunny day, and there’s loads to do in town; with two cinemas, countless coffee shops and restaurants, and a large number of high street, independent and charity shops – you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied.

10. Take out your first library book

We hate to break it to you, but you will have to do some work during your time at University. So take the time in your first few weeks on campus to get acquainted with the library. The library has a range of different study spaces, IT facilities, a PC clinic and leisure reading as well as academic books.

If you want some help finding your way around library staff are running tours between Thursday 28th September and Thursday 5th October, on the hour 11am-3pm (inclusive).

It also has a cafe (which serves food) and a shop to stock up on stationery… or chocolate bars, no judgement here. Basically, the library will become a second home to you during your time at uni – so start embracing that now.

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