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Eat healthy, stay wealthy

Eating in university is difficult. Okay, fine, cooking is difficult. Okay, maybe the part where you’re an average broke student, who doesn’t want to cook nor know how to is difficult. Or maybe you simply don’t have time to go to Tesco where you can afford vegetables and end up spiralling down the dark path […]

Work and Play in the UK

Create Copies of your Work! A brief segue on the importance of backing up your work using multiple methods. This is actually not my original blog post which was lost over the weekend due to an issue with my Cloud storage.

Reunion Day

As promised I’m back filling you in with another Q&A from my reunion day at school over Easter.

Participating in Sports at Loughborough

Loughborough is a very sporty university with amazing sporting facilities (but don’t worry if you don’t play sports, I know many people that don’t like sports at all, but still enjoy their time here, because there are many other things you can do!).

How to keep motivated throughout the year

We’re now coming to the end of the university year and with that comes deadlines and exams. I know how hard some people can find it to keep motivated throughout the year, especially when the sun is out to distract us and it’s so close to the holidays!

The Sun and the exams

As the weather gets warmer and as days roll by the exam season seems to be approaching and closing in on us all. Do not let the spirit of the exams possess you, rather possess it by getting ready.