CRCC Member Awarded a British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant for studying social care in the UK

Dr. Anthony Kevins, a CRCC member and Lecturer in Politics and International Studies at Loughborough University, has been awarded a prestigious British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant to study social care preferences in the UK. Dr. Naomi Lightman, Associate Professor of Sociology at Toronto Metropolitan University, is the co-investigator on the project.  Ageing populations, limited infrastructure […]

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Book cover of Communications in Turkey and the Ottoman Empire

CRCC scholar publishes book “Communications in Turkey and the Ottoman Empire-A Critical History”

While there is a wealth of studies that attempted to de-westernise and de-colonise media and communication studies, their impact on historical thinking and writing has been minimal. However, the core of West-centrism is historical; its normative assumptions rely on a history that is written with the Global South in absentia. To overcome the West-centric imperial […]

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