“Of Moguls, Monsters and Men”: Annual Communication and Media Lecture by Professor Karen Boyle

We are happy to announce the 2nd Annual Communication and Media lecture, to be held on the 11th of February from 4-6pm in the James Frances Building (CC.0.21) at Loughborough University. Feminist theory on the inter-relationship of gender and violence is built on an understanding that violence and sexual domination are inherent in dominant and […]

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PhD Workshop “Populism, Discourse, Radical Democracy”, 2 July 2020, Loughborough University

Once at the theoretical margins of political science, the ‘Essex School’ of discourse analysis inspired by the pioneering work of Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe has now been firmly established within the broader field of the social sciences as a distinct tradition. Significant contributions are spanning various fields ranging from political theory to comparative politics, […]

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Cultures of Authenticity: A two-day interdisciplinary symposium

A widespread fascination with the authentic is said to have emerged as a response to the processes of homogenisation, rationalisation and standardisation at the heart of modernity. The concept of authenticity arose historically at a time of rapid social change and has again come to the fore where social, political, cultural and technological upheavals give […]

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Election 2019: The Brexit Campaign? Loughborough University London, 31st January

Loughborough University Centre for Research in Communication & Culture and Ipsos MORI in conjunction with the British Polling Council present Election 2019: The Brexit Campaign? This General Election returned the first Conservative government with a large parliamentary majority for the first time in more than a generation. By contrast the campaign ended in disappointment for Labour and the Liberal Democrats […]

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