The Illiberal Public Sphere: new book by Václav Štětka and Sabina Mihelj

Liberal democracies across the world are facing a range of challenges, from the growing influence of illiberal leaders and parties to deepening polarization and declining trust in political elites and mainstream media. Although these developments attracted significant scholarly attention, the factors that contribute to the spreading of illiberalism remain poorly understood, and the communication perspective […]

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CRCC to host ‘Care: critical dialogues & transdisciplinary approaches’ symposium on June 13th

Keynote talk: Professor Jo Littler (Goldsmiths University) ‘From care to carewashing….and back again’ This one-day symposium – hosted by the Centre for Research in Communication and Culture – will showcase cutting-edge research on care from scholars at Loughborough University, as well as a number of invited external experts. In recent years, scholarship across a wide range of disciplines […]

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Believability: Sexual Violence, Media, and the Politics of Doubt: a roundtable discussion

A roundtable event, featuring world-leading feminist media studies scholars, will take place at Loughborough University and online on June 25. The panel of speakers will discuss the politics of believability around sexual violence in the current conjuncture, considering how digital media is now the primary site for struggles over what (and who) is considered “believable”. […]

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