CRCC member Anna Zsubori publishes book ‘Disney Princesses and Tween Identity: The Franchise in Illiberal Hungary’

Since the creation of the franchise in 2000, Disney Princesses have become a ‘phenomenon’ receiving international attention, admiration as well as criticism from both consumers and scholars. Although audience research has seen growing recognition recently, the investigation of audiences in Central and Eastern Europe and those of Disney animated features is greatly neglected by academics. […]

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CRCC members co-publish book with the European Election Monitoring Center on Party Campaigning in European Parliamentary Elections 1979-2019

The Political Communication theme is delighted to announce the publication of a timely new book by members Dominic Wring and Nathan Ritchie(eds.) Europe Votes: Party Campaigning in European Parliamentary Elections 1979-2019, a joint venture involving the European Election Monitoring Center and ourselves which is now free to download from its own dedicated website This […]

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Forensic Conversations in Criminal Justice Settings: One-day Symposium

The criminal justice system encompasses a wide range of interactions, from police officers engaging with the public on the street to police interviews with witnesses and suspects, emergency calls, discussions between suspects and solicitors, cross-examinations in court, interventions with children embroiled in the law, jury deliberations, and managing behaviour in prisons. These conversations are the […]

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