Parties Media Voters: the 2015 Campaign – Westminster, 13 – 14th July

This two-day conference will be the ninth in a series initiated by MORI founder Robert Worcester who helped organize the first event of its kind to reflect on the momentous General Election of 1979.  Since then the Political Studies Association’s Elections Public Opinion and Parties Group has continued to bring together representatives from the party, media and polling organisations in order to share their reflections and experiences following each subsequent campaign.  This event continues the series and will feature contributions from leading and practitioners on all aspects of the election.

The Political Studies Association’s Parties, Public Opinion and Parties Group Conference on the General Election organised by Ipsos MORI and Loughborough University Communication Research Centre.

Emmanuel Centre, Westminster 13-14th July

Day One:  Parties and Media.  Sessions will explore and discuss the campaign strategies and tactics as well as news coverage.

Day Two:  Voters.  Sessions will explore public awareness and understandings of the issues and personalities as well as the challenge of communicating with the electorate in an increasingly digital era.


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