At approximately 11:40 this morning we launched LORLS v6 to students and academics at Loughborough. This was done using our standard importer which extracted data from our previous LORLS 5 installation. We then ran a number of local modification scripts (e.g. to remove years and alter the metadata layout).

This seems like an opportune moment to say a few thank yous to those who contributed to the development and implementation of this new version:

  • Jon and Jason, who in the best traditions of a pantomime horse developed the back and front ends
  • Ginny and Jenny, for producing promotional and training material
  • Theresa, Vicky, Karen, Lynne and Sue, for testing and critiquing the new system
  • Sue 2.0, for putting up with us during the database design war process
  • And to all the other library staff, academics and students who provided invaluable input and support for this new version.

And finally as it is Valentine’s Day a little (and I do mean little) poetry:

Roses are red, violets are blue,
LORLS 6 is here, just for you!