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Working for a corporation vs entrepreneurship: An interview with WikiJob founder, Chris Muktar

Perhaps the greatest disadvantage of working for a large company is the lack of creative control. Typically, you will work at the behest of others who have earned that control over decades of service, and most of the work is process driven, which allows little flexibility for the doing things differently

Advantages of working for yourself

The greatest advantage of working for yourself is that it is a meritocracy. You have to use all of your skills, and you are rewarded for exactly the effort you put in. There are no promotions – yet pay rises can happen quickly if you work hard, whilst losses come out of your own pocket. You exert 100% creative control in all decisions, so if something can be done better, you can step in and take advantage.My name is Chris Muktar. I graduated in Physics in 2005, and I am the co-founder of, one of the UK’s largest graduate jobs websites. Before doing this, I cut my teeth at PwC, where I joined the graduate scheme to train as an auditor in London.

What are the advantages of working for a large company as a graduate?

The greatest thing I got from my time at PwC was training. I trained to be an accountant. Finance is the language of business, and there’s a real separation between those who understand it and those who do not. I picked up a lot of technical knowledge which I still use every day in my work. I take great pride that our company’s accountants treat me as an equal and not as ‘client’, and that they ask my input on issues.

The other unique benefit was ‘access’. My clients were huge companies, and I was worked directly with management in helping them to prepare their financial statements. Business at this level is something most people don’t normally see. It’s remarkable to see how, for example, your bank or insurance company makes money out of you, on such a scale that’s bewildering.

Perhaps the greatest disadvantage to running your own business is that you become married to it; once you’re in and making money, it is very hard to leave and do anything else, as the business will likely fall apart without you. Often work cannot wait till the next day, and you find yourself working late and doing far more work than a normal employee would.

My advice for someone looking for a graduate job

Forget about salary, focus on training opportunities. The first three years of your careers are crucial to picking technical knowledge that will keep you ahead of your peers. The other advice I would offer is to apply broadly and relentlessly. I applied to 13 accountancy firms before receiving an offer at PwC; I’m convinced that without the experience of applying and interviewing at all those companies, I would not have stood a chance at PwC.

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Engineering Doctorate (Post graduate applied research) opportunities for Undergrad and Masters graduates


Advanced Stylus Manufacturing
(University of Nottingham and Taylor Hobson Limited)

Calibration for X-ray Computed Tomography
(Loughborough University, The MTC, National Physical Laboratory)

The potential impact of Additive Manufacturing in precision instrument development and manufacture
(University of Nottingham and Malvern Instruments Ltd)

Enhanced Manufacturability of High Integrity Components through Advanced Rotary Friction Welding
(MTC, University of Birmingham)


We have several projects in the pipeline and they will be listed in more detail very soon. They include:

  • Manufacturing Simulation and Modelling  (MTC, The University of Birmingham)
  • Robotised Additive Manufacture (University of Nottingham and a new industrial partner)

For a full list of opportunities click:


The National Student Awards recognise and reward students who are
working on, or who have developed, an outstanding project in the marine and environmental field with the potential to have a positive and sustainable impact.



The winner will receive £1,000 and two runners-up will each receive £500 to
further their research and studies.

The Awards are open to students at any level of higher education in the UK
and the deadline for entries is 31st July 2013.

For more information on how to enter please visit our website:

Resource Solutions Careers Evening – Change of date

Resource Solutions is an international market leader in recruitment process outsourcing solutions.

We are currently searching for high calibre Graduates who would like to apply their skills in very fast paced and dynamic teams onsite with some of the largest banking and corporate clients in the UK and abroad.


  • The ability to thrive in a challenging environment
  • The opportunity to work onsite at some of the largest banking and blue chip clients in the world, such as Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Visa and Barclays
  • Opportunities for career progression and international transfers

 We are holding a careers evening at our prestigious Covent Garden based office on 19th June, the event will begin at 6:00pm and finish around 8:00pm.

To reserve a place contact