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November 2012′s Graduate Profile of the Month is Patrick Donovan. Patrick graduated, in 2001, with a BSc in Sports Technology. He now works for Puma as a  Development Manager.


Your background:

Before coming to university I was working part time on a golf course whilst performing trials shows on my bike. Four years after leaving school I decided the time was right to move my career forward and I realised obtaining a degree would be the optimal way to do this. I had always been keen to go to Loughborough and study a sports related degree. Through the mature students requirements I was able to obtain a place despite not acheiving the required A Level grades. I have to thank Loughborough university for recognising that people can still be incredibly successful despite not acheiving highly in the typical school environment.

Where are you now?

Now I am working for Puma as Development Manager for football boots, making high performance products for some of the worlds leading players such as Sergio Aguero (Man City) Fabregas (Barcelona), Falcao (Athletico Madrid), Manu Tualangi (England & Leicester Tigers). I am based in the Puma HQ in Germany and regularly travel to Asia for development trips. The work environment is fantastic.

What advice would you give now to a student studying your subject at university now?

I still remember something my lecturer told me on the first day I started at the university “Only the most dedicated will get to where they want to be” and I would certainly pass this on to anyone studying now. It may seem a hard long “slog” expecially in the final year but it is all worth it in the end.

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