Graduate Profile of the Month

January 2013′s Graduate Profile of the Month is Josh Johnson. Josh graduated, in 2012, with a BSc in Computer Science. He is now working at Siemens as a Business Technology Graduate

Your background:

Originally from Lincolnshire; Interested in technology and business (studied both at A Level). Chose Loughborough based on an experience I had on an ‘Aim Higher’ Summer School (duration: 1 week) after completing my GCSEs. Really liked the ‘self-contained’ campus and the general atmosphere. Locations was perfect distance from home for me, and the overall reputation of Loughborough was a huge factor.

Where are you now?

Working as a Business Technology Graduate with Siemens in Poole, Dorset

How did you get there?

Applied for several graduate roles at quite a few companies, and got a response from Siemens regarding my application and progressed through the process. Both my course, especially the variance involved (between business and IT) and my placement in an IT infrastructure company specialising in Siemens technologies, as well as ex-Siemens management, helped steer my attitudes and general awareness throughout the process.

What advice would you give to a student studying your subject at university now?

Definitely take a placement!! This was a massive help to me both in maturity (for final year) and workplace awareness both technically and with soft skills.

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