Careers & Employability Centre Market Research Project Assistant

Job Purpose

To design, conduct and analyse an evaluation of the labour market in Loughborough and Charnwood. To produce a well-researched, accurate report on the range of job vacancies and skills sought by employers in Charnwood, and their views of the  availability of skills in the local labour market.

Required abilities and competencies:

  • A good understanding of market research techniques and statistical analysis.
  • High personal motivation, self-management, and detail-orientation, with the ability to take responsibility for meeting deadlines and making progress without direct supervision.
  • Strong spoken and written communication skills, with a demonstrated ability to produce coherent and informative written reports.
  • Capacity and will to learn new software, research methods and work routines quickly, under the mentorship of CEC staff
  • Motivation to engage in and manage a wide range of tasks ranging from developing and conducting tele-canvassing campaigns to survey local employers, to assessing proposed data-collection techniques, and getting on with the job.
  • Tenacity and flexibility in responding to challenges in sourcing information, gathering the evidence required, and adapting research methods if required.
  • Ability to share responsibilities and supervise any student co-workers who may be recruited to assist with front-line research.
  • Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office programs (including Access and Excel) and experience with other database or data analysis software.
  • Articulate and tactful verbal communications skills; readiness to telephone, meet and liaise directly with local employers.
  • Interest in local socio-economic issues and in the ability of this relatively small scale research project to directly influence policy and outcomes for local people and local businesses.

For further details and to apply see Careers Online

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