Mentoring opportunity in banking/finance

Ncorus is a new, free and exciting mentoring platform which connects students to young professionals in the banking/accounting industry.

Set up by a recent graduate of Loughborough University, the Ncorus Team have recently contacted us to confirm they are currently looking for new students to join the scheme as mentees and others to join as campus executives to help grow the network across the UK.

There is a detailed summary below of the key benefits to becoming part of the Ncorus scheme (Both as a mentee and as a campus executive).

As an Ncorus mentee:

  1. Obtain a dedicated mentor who is focused on successfully obtaining you a job in a top financial firm
  2. Obtain a clear understanding of the different teams within banking/financial industry
  3. Gain key contacts within the industry who have recently gone through graduate schemes and know the processes
  4. Get potential recommendations to HR recruiters
  5. Potential introduction to graduate head-hunters focused on the financial industry.

As an Ncorus Campus Executive:

  1.  All the benefits of being an Ncorus mentee
  2. Development and application of essential business skills
  3. The opportunity to build and manage your own business function at your University
  4. Enhances your CV by developing core skills within the context of a growing organisation and hence making you much more attractive to potential employers
  5. Grow your network through exposure to Executives at other Universities and our pool of professional mentors

Once you are accepted onto the program you will also have access to a host of useful tools and tips to help you through your job search. Some of these items include mock online tests, interview tips, assessment centre guidance, useful deadlines and lots more. These can be accessed via the dedicated Ncorus portal.

Further information is available on their website at

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to drop an email to

This is an excellent opportunity for all students looking to gain an insight into the industry and bridge the employment gap once finished University.

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