Enter the BP Ultimate Field Trip Competition

Registration for the Ultimate Field Trip 2014 is open until Friday, 22nd November:

Enter the BP Ultimate Field Trip Competition and have the chance to win a 2 week trip to Alaska and Chicago!

What is the Ultimate Field Trip?

“The Ultimate Field Trip” (www.bp.com/uft/uk) is aimed at attracting the best and brightest early stage science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) undergraduates to BP.

  • It is a team-based competition for undergraduates studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects.
  • Students form teams of 3 to tackle a real-life energy challenge;
  • The competition is aimed at 2nd– final year students.
  • The prize is a 2 week International fieldtrip with BP with winning teams from around the world.
  • The aim is to offer an unforgettable and life changing experience.
  • BP looks for a high level of rigor in submissions. Teams have to be able to prove that their ideas are practical, scalable, workable and financially viable.

Why does BP run the UFT?

  • Highlight the brightest minds and the best talent within the STEM student community locally/nationally/globally to recruit
  • Develop BP’s reputation and presence as a global graduate employer
  • Continue to allow STEM undergraduates globally (especially passive candidates) to engage with BP and find out how their degree can be practically used for a real challenge and what a career in the energy sector may be like
  • Use the UFT to engage the academic community
  • Become the leading Global STEM student competition whilst using BP resources in an efficient manner and continuing to drive up engagement both in BP and in the STEM student community

The 2014 Challenge

  • The problem:

In running their operations, energy companies consume large amounts of energy

  • The challenge:

Identify an innovative solution that will significantly reduce energy consumption and be implemented by 2025, with the potential to scale across the energy industry. This could apply anywhere from point of capture to point of sale of energy products, and potentially even create a new product stream.

The Prize

Unique 2 week International field trip with BP in Alaska & Chicago land.

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