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George BurtonSenior Creative Manager, George Burton, works for online fashion retailer

What made you decide to create a digital Stylefix magazine?

The decision really came out of us noticing a couple of key trends, one being a shift in customer behaviour. We’ve seen a steady increase in traffic from tablets and mobile devices and the move away from the conventional Desktop experience and figures indicate that by 2015 there will be half a billion new devices that can all read digital magazines.

The second being the growth of the digital publications, there are now more digital titles out there than physical magazines. So to ensure that whenever and however customers choose to engage with that they have a seamless experience we decided to make our established Stylefix magazine available in a digital format.

How has the magazine benefited your customers?

The printed Stylefix has a limited print run so unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to receive a copy. So now customers have the option of having it on their phone at all times which allows users to receive updates on the latest trends, exclusive articles, shoppable content and competitions which is right at their fingertips and is better suited to our customer’s lifestyle.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I can’t say too much at this point but we’re looking at releasing the digital Stylefix in more countries and also what the realms of augmented reality could add to our printed Stylefix, which I’m very excited about so yes there’s are a lot of exciting things in the pipeline for!



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