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January’s profile is Henry Dunmore. Henry graduated in 2013 with a BSc in Politics and minor subject. He is now set up his own company, LunchBox abc


Your background:

I took a GAP year, before university, to travel, before getting back into education. I did Politics mainly because I was interested in the subject, both at school and in general and didn’t really know what I wanted to do after university, in terms of employment. I therefore wanted to spend my time at university studying something I enjoyed rather than a means to an end e.g. Accountancy.

Where are you now?

After graduating from Loughborough I spent some time working for a catering company, during the summer,while doing numerous job applications. It was then that I came up with my business idea of selling healthy and nutritionally designed ‘LunchBoxes’ to busy ‘on-the-move’ gym members in London. The concept revolved around the boredom of healthy dieting and eating the same foods day in, day. This is why the menu changes on a daily basis and includes a different meat, fish and vegetarian option. After writing a business plan, securing some investment and agreeing a contract with London’s Premier Healthclub, The Third Space, I started selling LunchBoxes in October.

How did you get there?

My career path is a bit off the wall I guess. I studied Politics at Loughborough and while always wanting to have my own business, I didn’t expect it to come this quickly. In fact, I was down to do a Law Conversion Course in London this year but decided to give my business idea a go instead, on the basis that the GDL will always be an option to me!

Where are you going?

I see a positive future. I am looking to grow my business into offering office lunches in the West End and also into other gyms and fitness centres, as there is a growing market for healthy, convenient food and is a gap I am happy to exploit.

What if anything would you have done differently during your time at Loughborough University to help you prepare better for your career/life upon graduation?

I would have studied a different degree in all honesty! I love Politics but it was always more of a hobby or interest rather than a realistic career path for me. I would probably have done a business degree of some sort or made more of the extra-curricular opportunities available.

What advice would you give to a student studying your subject at university now?

Be controversial and say what you believe in. Do it confidently enough and others will agree.


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