2015 Finalists – Help with your CV before you leave Loughborough

The Careers and Employability Centre will be coming to the Students’ Union on Tuesday 9th, Thursday 11th and Tuesday 16 June, between 1pm and 4pm.

If you would like help with your CV or applications or you want to have a quick chat about any careers related issues before you leave Loughborough, just turn up between 1 and 4pm. Bring a copy of your CV with you!

Don’t forget, you have membership for life so you can use the careers service after you graduate

invstr Campus Ambassador Competition

invstr are looking for motivated students to promote invstr at your campus and help spread the word!

Fill in your details below, to join the invstr Campus Ambassador Competition and you will send you a Unique Promo Code to start recruiting users with, as soon as the competition goes live!

The competition will run from midnight on the 24th May, until midnight on the 30th June 2015.


The top 5 students from each academic institution who get the most amount of people to register in the app, whilst quoting their Unique Promo Code, will be invited to attend a day-long Workshop & Training session and will have the chance to become a Campus Brand Ambassadors!

There is also an internship reserved for the student who recruits the most amount of users overall during the competition.

Train as an RE Teacher

Train as an RE Teacher – the career choice for individuals looking for an exhilarating and stimulating challenge.

The Government has reintroduced training bursaries this year – up to £9,000 for individuals with a first or a PhD – and we are hoping to increase awareness of this and help reverse the drop in numbers of people advancing to study for a PGCE as an RE specialist.

You don’t need to have a theology degree.  And while subject requirements do vary according to the PGCE course provider, graduates may still be able to train as an RE teacher and qualify for a bursary if their subject is one of the following: Cultural Studies, Law, Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, History, Philosophy, Politics, Social Policy, Humanities, or Criminology.  There are also a number of development courses available to boost subject knowledge, including the online booster course at www.teachre.co.uk.

RE teachers come from all sorts of backgrounds and all walks of life.  There is no single preferred set of beliefs that they share.  And in fact many don’t have any religious faith, just a fascination with people and the world we live in.  The Religious Education Council for England and Wales – which is leading the campaign to increase trainee numbers – includes the British Humanist Society as an active member.

Life as an RE specialist is exhilarating.  What could be more challenging or stimulating as a room of teenagers discussing the big life issues? Witnessing the wow moments as young people quite literally develop and grow in front of you and because of you.  And at the same time developing and nurturing them to be effective members of their own communities and society at large.

Despite the drop in teacher numbers in recent years, numbers of students have grown:

  • entries to the full course GCSE have gone up 19% in England and Wales since 2012
  • GCSE RE now attracts more entries than any other subjects after Maths, English and Sciences
  • A-level entries have also increased more than any arts, humanity or social science subject over the past 10 years

For more information, please see www.teachre.co.uk/beyondtheordinary/.


Summer Graduate fair 2015

SGF2015-A3poster-webThe Summer Graduate fair! Don’t miss your chance to get noticed by some of the industries highflying companies.

Get a head-start, be inspired and find out what opportunities are out there. We’re exhibiting along with over 50 other employers, postgraduate and graduate course providers, employability advisers and recruiters. The Summer Graduate Fair takes place at Olympia London on Wednesday 10th June from 11am to 4pm.

Register for the 2015 Summer Graduate Fair

The Summer Graduate Fair is the perfect opportunity for you to show recruiters what you can offer. You can practice interview techniques and get the latest hints and tips from managers responsible for selecting candidates. Prove your potential to the recruiters that matter and open doors for your future career!

Free Admission to the Summer Graduate Fair! You can:

  • Talk to recruiters face to face by passing the online recruitment cull
  • Find out about jobs and roles not yet advertised
  • Get insights on attributes including the soft skills recruiters want
  • Leapfrog your way to the front of the recruitment queue

Free admission to this year’s headline seminar speakers:

  • Supergrad presents: Psychology of Success
  • Sophie Morgan, a successful 2014 graduate presents: Graduate Schemes
  • Milkround presents:  Develop your online profile for networking
  • London School of Clinical Research

All seminars and talks at the Summer Graduate Fair are free to attend and offer you insight into graduate careers, real life case studies and a wealth of shared experiences to give you the inside track to a brilliant career.

Book now at www.summergradfair.co.uk

Olympia, London

Wednesday 10th June

11am to 4pm

2015 China-UK Entrepreneurship Competition

new leaflet 2015 v3 with wechatDo you have a creative idea for a business venture involving the UK and China?

Do you want a share of the £13,000 in cash prizes?

Do you wish to build your international network of contacts?

Do you expect to receive professional suggestions on your business plan?

Then, please join in the 8th China UK Entrepreneurship Challenge Competition!

The competition is open to all university teams both in the UK and China.

Teams will be selected to participate in the final competition for winning: £13,000 cash prizes.

An investment opportunity of £500,000 for the best business plan!

A possible free work space in London for up to one year provided by Cocoon Global Ltd!

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International Summer School 2015

Loughborough University’s School of Business and Economics is proud to announce that applications are now open for our International Summer School 2015. sbe_summer_Page_1

The programme is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in pursuing a career in international sports management, or in a sport-related social enterprise.

This module will be intensive and challenging – and lots of fun! You will gain experience of working in international teams and an understanding of the issues involved in your chosen pathway and will develop your own intercultural skills. The module is worth 10 Loughborough credits – 5 ECTS credits, or 3 US credits.

Our International Summer School will also give you an opportunity to do more than just study! Our social programme includes site visits to some of the UK’s most prestigious sporting venues and a weekend trip to London!

All teaching and trips are included with the fee, as well as accommodation for the two weeks. Please find more details on our website http://www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/sbe/summer-school/ and our Summer School brochure

Feel free to contact us at sbe.summerschool@lboro.ac.uk if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from your students.

Best Regards
International Relations Team
School of Business and Economics
Loughborough University
01509 222161

4 extra-curricular activities that can boost your employability

Provided by Selesti Limited

When it comes to writing your CV, it can be difficult to know what activities outside of your studies to include. Below, we’ll look at four things that top graduate job candidates have on their CVs, which you can work towards while at university.

First aid volunteering

Taking part in volunteering activities looks great on a CV, helping to show your well-rounded character. Becoming a first aider is a hugely rewarding and valuable skill to have, adding to your personal development. Not only that, first aid skills are also useful to your future employer. Employers are responsible for the wellbeing of their employees, which includes ensuring there are enough first aiders at work.

If you already have a first aid certificate, make sure it’s still valid before you put it on your CV. That’s because due to a recent change, there is no longer a grace period after a first aid certificate expires, so if yours is out of date, you cannot call yourself a first aider any longer. As with anything on your CV, you should be able to back it up with evidence if questioned about it.

Helping to run a club or society

With countless clubs and societies on your doorstep, there’s a wealth of opportunity to bolster up your CV by taking part. But rather than going out and joining as many clubs as possible, it’s better to only get involved in one or two and play an active part in its running. For example, if you play for a sports team, work your way up to become a team captain, or help lead training sessions. Or if you’re in a society, put yourself forward to become elected for a committee position, such as treasurer or secretary.

In a leadership role, you’ll learn lots of great skills that can help you stand out when applying for jobs. This might include motivating and leading a team, taking charge of your club’s financials as treasurer, learning negotiation and decision making skills in committee meetings, as well as showing good people skills by getting elected for your role.

Writing a blog or getting involved in student media

A great way to improve your writing skills is to get involved in in student media such as The Epinal, or contributing to a blog on topics that interest you. This is a great way to build up your portfolio if you’re looking to enter industries such as journalism, advertising, or marketing.

With blogs existing on almost every topic imaginable online, there are countless opportunities to publish articles on your interests. Blogs are often on the lookout for guest authors, so it’s simply a case of getting in touch with those that do and pitching an idea for an article. You can of cause also set up your own blog using software such as WordPress or Blogger.

Developing your digital skills

Experts predict that by 2017, the UK will need 750,000 skilled digital workers to keep up with the growing technology industry. However, in 2011 the UK produced just 56,000 computer science graduates, suggesting a growing deficit in digital skills.

Even if you’re not looking to enter the technology sector, the truth is that the internet is increasingly important in all industries, whether for making sales, acquiring leads or for customer service. As a result, web skills are becoming a necessity, for example learning how to update website content on a CMS, updating email marketing lists or even basic coding.

A great way to get started is to take a free online course with Codecademy or setting up your own WordPress blog.

What other skills do you have?

Think of any other activities you take part in outside of your studies. What skills have you developed by taking part? Are these skills relevant to the role you’re applying to? If the answer is yes then add it, and remember to prepare for your interview by being able to discuss each activity at length.

Careers with Languages Conference

Are you thinking about a career in languages? You might be interested in the Careers with Languages Conference coming up in April!

Careers with Languages_posterThe Language Centre at Loughborough University is hosting a special conference devoted to the employment and career opportunities for undergraduates who can offer Foreign Languages

Wednesday 29th April 2015


James France Building, Loughborough University

Register now on Eventbrite

Decathlon Recruitment Event for International Students

China, India, Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia & Vietnam Decathlon poster Feb2015_vn1 2

23rd February 2015 6.30pm U005, Brockington Building

(Decathlon presentations – you will need to attend this event first)
24th February 9.00am JJ004, Anne Packer
(start of recruitment events – Table Tennis)

Decathlon the international sports designer, manufacturer and retailer is recruiting the following roles:

  • Store department manager(China)
  • Dialogue Leader(China)
  • Production leader/ Quality/ Supply / Development / Industrialisation
    ( China, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia)
  • Information System Engineer(China, Brazil, India, Russia, France)

Decathlon brings together two different activities, creating international sports products and brands and local on-line retail.

Decathlon controls the whole of the product development chain: from Research & Development to the sales floor, including design, production and logistics and support services, Finance, IT and HR.

Decathlon recruits for internship or full time jobs in production.

Decathlon welcome students from any discipline,
in particular Sports, Business/Economics, Engineering, Materials and IT

Book via Careers Online

The Writer – two-day workshop

Word Experience is back and we’re ready for your applications.
Here are some details about how you can get involved.

Hello, we’re The Writer (thewriter.com), the world’s largest language consultancy.

The world’s best (and most humble) language consultancy is running a two-day workshop on 26th and 27th March 2015. We’re looking for 20 undergraduates who love writing to come and get inspired to write for a living. And if you’re really good, we might ask you to be one of our two paid apprentices.

We’ll show you how you can make a career out of writing for business. There’ll be plenty of writing exercises, linguistic brainstorms and home-made pecha kuchas* to get your teeth into.

(*Google has the answer.)

Keep reading if:

You already write for your course

Maybe you study English, journalism or creative writing. Or maybe you just write a lot of essays.

You write in your spare time too

You might write for your student paper, a blog, or fiction. It doesn’t matter as long as you write.

You’re a bit of a word geek

You have a tendency to get excited or properly riled up by all kinds of writing. From tube ads to tubes of toothpaste, Booker Prize winners to Charlie Brooker.

Yes that’s me. What do I need to do?

Send us 300 words telling us why we should pick you (and a way for us to get in touch with you) to pickme@thewriter.com. Make sure ‘Word Experience’ and your name are in your subject line. And get it to us by 1st March 2015.