Elluminate: the experience so far

Loughborough’s institutional licence for the Elluminate web conferencing tool has been in place since back in the summer, and many colleagues have now experienced it either through delivering or participating in a session.

Two areas that have been particularly active in the use of Elluminate are CREST and WEDC. In the YouTube video below, Sheryl Williams from CREST and Cath O’Connell from WEDC talk about how they’ve been using it, what’s worked well and not so well, and the advice that they would give to colleagues thinking about trying it out.

E-learning Showcase update

The annual Staff E-learning Showcase takes place on Wednesday January 12th from 11am – 3.30pm, based in the James France exhibition area. This year the overarching theme is:

“Making efficient and effective use of learning technologies”

 There will be a series of 15-minute case study presentations in CC013, delivered primarily by academics and recorded using the ReVIEW lecture capture system for posterity. Presenters will be considering how learning technologies (including Learn) can be used in ways which make the most efficient use of academic staff time while maintaining or enhancing the student learning experience.

 The exhibition area will host stands, poster presentations and demonstrations of many of the systems and tools that are centrally supported, including the launch of the new reading list system and a preview of the latest version of Moodle.

The event will include contributions from Professor Morag Bell (PVC(T)) and Lucy Hopkins (Students Union President).

 Refreshments will be provided.

 The finalised programme should be available by Friday December 17th.