First Call for TIA Funding!

This is the first call for submissions for Loughborough University applicants seeking funding under the 2017 Teaching Innovation Awards.

These high profile awards support individuals or teams of staff or students and staff to develop and share innovative teaching ideas both internally and externally. These awards are a key part of Loughborough University’s commitment to developing teaching and learning, and attract significant attention.

Previous winners have been invited to speak at conferences, to deliver workshops, and to publish their developed ideas. We hope our 2017 winners will seize the available opportunities to disseminate their excellence in teaching innovation to support developments across our two campuses but also across the higher education sector.


Staff and/or students with ideas to innovate current learning and teaching practice at Loughborough drawing on research, literature, pilot studies or a variety of approaches are encouraged to apply for funding.

This year an increased sum of £30,000 has been ring fenced for these key awards, and applications are being sought from students and staff on both our campuses.

Guidance documents and application forms can be found on the Centre for Academic Practice website as CAP administers the awards for the University

The closing date for applications is 28 February. The decision panel, with membership from across the university including Loughborough Students’ Union, will meet in late March. Award winners will be notified in April and their success announced publicly at the 2017 Loughborough University Learning and Teaching Conference in June 2017.

If you have an idea which you would like to discuss prior to submitting an application please contact Deena Ingham in CAP

Loughborough Academics Publish Research in Prestigious Journal

2010 Teaching Innovation Awards winners, Dr Lawrence Leger and Dr Karligash Glass (Kenjegalieva), have recently published their work in Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education.  Their research article, ‘What if best practice is too expensive? Feedback on oral presentations and efficient use of resources’, suggests that ‘less resource-intensive [teaching and learning] methods need not compromise learning outcomes’. [1]

To read their article, click on the link below:

[1] Lawrence A. Leger, Karligash Glass, Paraskevi Katsiampa, ShiboLiu & Kavita Sirichand (2015): What if best practice is too expensive? Feedback on oral presentations and efficient use of resources, Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, DOI: 10.1080/02602938.2015.1109054, p.1.

"I wonder if you have time for a quick survey?"

Yeah, I know, not the words we like to hear when we’re in the middle of a Saturday shop.

Still, what if you find yourself needing to set up a survey as part of your own research? One option is to go online, and at Loughborough we have an account with Bristol Online Surveys (BOS) based at the University of Bristol.

Surveys have Loughborough branding, are SSL encrypted, and come with a Loughborough-looking URL (

BOS is a web-based application, there’s nothing to download to your computer, and works equally well on a Mac or PC. The online help is comprehensive and usable

There are six question types:

  1. selection lists
  2. multiple choice
  3. multiple answer
  4. single line free text
  5. multiple line free text
  6. date

and it’s possible to create Likert Scales, grids, branched questions and more, so it’s a well-specified system. There are internationalisation options, although there are limitations with non-European character sets.

Screengrab of typical BOS survey

Sections and questions in BOS surveys are colour-coded to aid visual navigation.

If you wish to set up an account, need help/advice setting up a survey or just want try the BOS demo, please contact and they’ll help you on your way.