Perfect Podcasts

I attended a Podcasting Special Interest Group last week (MEL SIG). One of the things which I took away from the event was that podcasts do not need to be perfect before being released to our learners. I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where we create a recording (audio only or a screencast)Read more

Improve your online presence next year

If you have a little cash that needs using up at the end of the financial year, you could do a lot worse than buying yourself a good quality USB or Wireless headset for your PC. Clear voice presentation really helps Elluminate online meetings, and as you are likely to be wearing the headset forRead more

So you want to capture your lectures…?

Colleagues interested in recording lectures, whether live or pre-prepared, now have a range of options: – Echo 360 fixed installations: we now have the Echo 360 system for automated video lecture capture installed in CC011 (James France), T003 (Wolfson) and HE010 (HEBS), with another 5 rooms due for installation before the start of next academicRead more

Thinking about podcasting?

If you’ve been thinking about the possibility of using audio podcasts to support students, you might be interested to watch an interview with Helen Drake, a Senior Lecturer in PHIR, talking about her experience of introducing podcasts to her Semester 1 European Union module. In this interview she talks about her reasons for introducing podcastsRead more